Oathbringer: Part Two

Oathbringer (Part Two) by Brandon Sanderson
1,233 pages
Published by Tor, 2017
Genre: Fantasy

Oathbringer is the third book in the Stormlight Archive. It’s a book we’ve been looking forward to for a long time and we’re excited to finally have our hands on it. Due to its length (and its epicness), we’ll be breaking up our review into five parts (which correspond to the five parts of the book). In case you missed it, our Part One discussion is here. Warning: spoilers ahead for Part Two!

This is the second of our four Oathbringer discussions. You can find the others here:

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Pete: Part Two went differently from how I thought it would. There was a lot of exposition, and a lot of good character moments, but it was a little bit slow, especially considering that we’re about halfway done with the book now.

Indiana: Exactly, and I don’t think that happened as much in Words of Radiance. But it was interesting to finally get into Jasnah’s story a little bit and hear from her perspective. She’s just as calculating and badass as I would have expected.

Pete: True, but we got such a little taste of her story! It was interesting to learn that she has suffered from mental illness in the past. I can’t wait to learn more about her. On the other hand, the Bridge Four chapters were some of my favorite Stormlight chapters yet.

Indiana: True. I hope Part Three had a few longer sections narrated by Jasnah. Especially if she has plans to verbally take down Amaram again, because that was just fantastic. Any way, it was good to finally hear from Bridge Four, but I have to say the chapters narrated by Moash were what kept this part interesting for me.

Pete: Poor Moash… while I may not agree with most of his decisions, he is a sympathetic character who has fallen to a new low. I was wondering what would happen to Moash the lighteyed-shardbearer, but instead we’ve been given Moash the slave, once again. Aside from the Moash and Bridge Four chapters, I’ve been loving the Dalinar vision scenes. We’ve learned so much more about the world from them.

Indiana: Moash seems to be following in Kaladin’s path now in some strange way. He’s helping the other slaves, even the parshendi that he “should hate.” The Dalinar visions have been structurally important to the story, but they’re not the most interesting to me. It feels like a device that’s being used too often.

Pete: Yeah, they can be info-dumps, but it’s info I’ve been craving! And you have to admit that Lift’s appearance in the visions was great.

Indiana: I did love the Lift appearance and I really hope she is more involved in the book. She’s got some hilarious lines and she’d bring a much needed sense of humor to the rest of the story.

On to Part Three! 

Oathbringer Discussion Part Three

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