Review: Heroes of the Frontier

"This was the common criminal pursuit of all contemporary humankind. Give my child an Ikea desk and twelve hours a day of sedentary typing. This will mean success for me, them, our family, our lineage." ~ Dave Eggers, Heroes of the Frontier

Review: Enemy Women

"Through the shutters, Adair could smell the latrines. It was like the Female Seminary of the Netherworld. A ladies’ academy in hell." - Paulette Jiles, Enemy Women

Review: Three Tales

“The fields were empty, the river rippling in the wind; at the bottom long weeds were waving to and fro, like the hair of corpses floating in the water.” - Gustave Flaubert, Three Tales

Review: The Fox

"In Sartotias-deles, only once have we seen pirates enjoy the protection of the strongest naval power in the world." ~ Sherwood Smith, The Fox

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