Top Ten Tuesday: Books that Surprised Us

It was tough to narrow down our list for this installment of Top Ten Tuesday. There have been so many books we’ve read even in the last year or so that we thought we’d hate but loved, or that we were really hopeful for but hated. Thanks to That Artsy Reader girl for continuing on the Top Ten Tuesday tradition!

Review: Enemy Women

"Through the shutters, Adair could smell the latrines. It was like the Female Seminary of the Netherworld. A ladies’ academy in hell." - Paulette Jiles, Enemy Women

Review: Regarding the Pain of Others

"Television news producers and newspaper and magazine photo editors make decisions every day which firm up the wavering consensus about the boundaries of public knowledge. Often their decisions are cast as judgments about "good taste" -- always a repressive standard when invoked by institutions," Susan Sontag.

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