January TBR

Heading into the new year, we’re hoping to read a mix of fantasy, sci-fi and contemporary fiction to start things off right. What’s everyone else hoping to read? 

Review: The Fall of Babel

The first book, Senlin Ascends, stands out as one of my favorite modern works of fantasy. While the final installment was weighed down by its lengthy action scenes, it still brought the series to a satisfying close. 

November TBR

While our October wasn’t as hectic as September, it was still a lighter month of reading for us both. But as we head into the final stretch of the year, we’re putting a lot on our plates to hit our goals! 

October TBR

Our September (and so far our October) was pretty hectic and we haven’t had much time to read, or do anything even close to a review. Hopefully that will change in the coming weeks!

September TBR

This was a decent month of reading for the both of us. While September is a bit hectic in our personal lives (we’re moving and having a second wedding ceremony), we’re hoping to get a lot of reading done too.

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