Slow Days, Fast Company

“‘My wife, Shirley, and I have thought it over and we’ve decided to retire from success and try failure for a few years. We feel the variety will enlarge us.’ I know L.A. is the only place on earth where people do that.” -Eve Babitz

Review: After Henry

As Didion writes, “Later it would be recalled that 3,254 other rapes were reported that year, including one the following week involving the near decapitation of a black woman . . . but the point was rhetorical, since crimes are universally understood to be news to the extent that they offer, however erroneously, a story, a lesson, a high concept.”

The Female Persuasion

“What are we supposed to do? . . . About the way it is . . . the way it feels. Things like misogyny, which seems to be everywhere, kind of wallpapering the world, you know what I mean? It’s still acceptable in the twenty-first century, and why is that?”

Top Ten Tuesday: Best Character Names

Top Ten Tuesday: Best Character Names This Top Ten Tuesday was fun and tough to narrow down! Thank you That Artsy Reader Girl for another great TTT. Indiana’s Five: Eustace Scrubb: On its own the name is nothing special, but combined with the fantastic character arch of Eustace himself it’s just perfect. Dumbledore: It doesn’t... Continue Reading →

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