Review: My Year of Rest and Relaxation

“I took the garbage out into the hallway and threw it down the trash chute. Having a trash chute was one of my favorite things about my building. It made feel important, like I was participating in the world. My trash mixed with the trash of others. The things I touched touched things other people had touched. I was contributing. I was connecting,” Ottessa Moshfegh.

Top Ten Tuesday: Books on Our Fall TBR

This list was a tricky one—somehow, we are both getting to the ends of our TBR shelves! But we do have a handful of book we’re looking forward to reading this fall. Thanks as always to That Arts Reader Girl for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday!

Top Ten Tuesday: Hidden Gems

This one was a fun list to put together, especially because it feels like the world only reads a select few number of books each year and it’s usually the ones on the best seller lists. Here are a few we think deserve another shot or at least a spot on your shelf: Pete's Five... Continue Reading →

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