Review: McMillan File

Tall figures loomed over her, leaching the unpleasant smell of cigarettes and body odor. Their scent mixed with the mustiness of the warehouse and the coppery smell of blood. Her blood. ~ C. B Samet, McMillan File

Review: The House in the Cerulean Sea

“Hate is loud, but I think you'll learn it's because it's only a few people shouting, desperate to be heard. You might not ever be able to change their minds, but so long as you remember you're not alone, you will overcome.”

Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Made Us Smile

Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Make Us Smile  There have been plenty of these over the years so it’s a bit of a challenge to whittle it down. Thanks to That Artsy Reader Girl for another great Top Ten Tuesday topic! Pete’s Five  Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand by Helen Simonson This is a heartwarming romance... Continue Reading →

Our Honeymoon Haul

Two Saturdays ago, we got married at—of all places—our local library. It was not exactly the day we had originally planned, but it was wonderful, and our close family was able to celebrate with us.  Our honeymoon consisted of several stops in a few of our favorite towns, which of course all have bookstores aplenty.... Continue Reading →

July TBR and June Wrap-up

We had a pretty busy June so that resulted in . . . not a lot of reading time. We’re hoping to make up for that in July and making pretty long TBR lists to encourage ourselves! (Because that always works, right?)

June TBR and May Wrap-up

This was a pretty great month of reading for the both of us. For once, neither of us had any unfinished books on our list! Let’s hope the same is true for June.

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