Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Places to Read

We have a lot of these so this was a fun list to come up with. Thanks to That Artsy Reader Girl for the topic! 

Pete’s Five

Parks – This could be a local park, or on a hiking trail. There’s something about reading while surrounded by nature that I’ve always loved. 

Bookstores – Reading the first chapter of a book before you buy is always a treat. And I love reading while surrounded by shelves and shelves of books.

Bed – I usually have one read that is my “bedtime book” at any given time. Reading before bed helps me drift off, and it’s fun to read a book 5–10 pages at a time. 

Train rides – Whether it’s a subway or an Amtrak train, I love getting in some reading on a long ride. 

A hammock – It doesn’t matter whether it’s in a yard or by a lake—I love lounging in a hammock for hours with a book.

Indiana’s Five

Local library’s reading garden – One of our local libraries has a lovely reading garden tucked away beside the building, complete with a burbling water feature to drown out any noise from the road or the nearby neighborhoods. It’s ideal for spending an hour or two in a reading bubble.

Car/plane rides – There’s nothing like reading an entire book on a long trip. It cements my memories of that book within that transient space between home and destination. 

By the lake/ocean – Reading to the sound of waves is so peaceful

Anywhere at home – The kitchen table, the couch, a chair, the floor, etc. They’re all good. 

Coffee shops – Especially after last year, reading in a coffee shop, with the din of conversations and espresso machines muddling together in the background, feels comforting.  

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