March TBR

Last month was a surprisingly good reading month for both of us; at least in terms of the number of books we fit in. This month, we’ve got a bit more on the docket and longer books on our lists to boot . . . so we’ll just see how this goes!

September TBR

This was a decent month of reading for the both of us. While September is a bit hectic in our personal lives (we’re moving and having a second wedding ceremony), we’re hoping to get a lot of reading done too.

August TBR

July was an absolutely packed month of reading for both of us. Somehow we both just about completed our TBRs and then some. Up next, we’re tackling some more summer-themed books, along with a few nonfiction picks we’ve been meaning to get to.

June TBR

As life has gotten semi-back to normal, our reading time has taken a dive. So we didn’t get to all the books on our list last month but we’re grateful just to finally be able to hang out with loved ones again. With that in mind, we’re keeping our expectations for June a bit lighter than usual. 

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