Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons We Love Reading

This week’s topic comes naturally to us: reasons why we love reading. Thanks to That Artsy Reader Girl for another great Top Ten Tuesday!

Indiana’s Five

  1. Stepping into someone else’s shoes. I love being able to experience things through another person’s lens.

2. Stretching my mind. There’s something satisfying about diving into a challenging book and taking the time to learn either a completely new subject or delving deeper into one you already know a bit about.

3. Read, relax, repeat. There are some books that are so charming or well-written that they’re what we call “dessert books.” I love picking these up whenever life gets stressful or when I don’t have a ton of time to read. 

4. Connecting with others. Even though it’s a solitary activity, reading has sparked so many conversations with people over the years. Sometimes I’ll be reading in a coffee shop and someone will ask what the book is about or tell me it’s one of their favorites. I’ve also connected with a lot of people in the book blogging realm over the years, which has been really rewarding at times. 

5. Going into “wonderlands.” When I’m reading, I get to work off of what the author writes when it comes to creating the setting, which is fun and a great creative exercise. 

Pete’s Five

  1. I like being transported to someplace else. This could be another time period, another part of the world, or a world completely separate from our own. 

2. Reading is equal parts relaxing and engaging. I’m not focused on anything else, but my mind is also active. It’s my favorite way to start any day. 

3. I feel like I get better at reading over time. Every book I read teaches me new words and new ways to imagine things, which I think gives me better tools for future reads. 

4. Reading feels productive, even though it’s a form of entertainment first for me. I’m always satisfied when I hit a daily reading goal or finish a book. 

5. Every reading experience is different. This goes for each of my reads of a given book or the way two people read and process the same book. Every reader brings their own experiences and lens to a book.

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