Preparing for Rhythm of War

Three years ago, the epic fantasy doorstopper Oathbringer came out, and it exceeded all expectations. We had a ton of fun doing part-by-part reviews of the third entry in The Stormlight Archive, and we look forward to continuing that tradition this year. Rhythm of War releases on November 17th and is 11 whole pages shorter than its predecessor.

If you’re all caught up on the first three books, you can read the first part of Rhythm of War for free on And if you need a refresher on the first 3,500+ pages of the series, we recommend this guide from on the first two books or the chapter-by-chapter summaries on The Way of KingsWords of RadianceOathbringer

Here’s our pitch for Stormlight that we wrote three years ago—we think it still holds up! 

Unlike a lot of modern fantasy, Stormlight is hopeful and heroic, and the material is PG to PG-13, which is a breath of fresh air. Sanderson himself describes it as his love letter to the fantasy genre, and it shows. The world of Roshar is a worldbuilding masterpiece, with its most prominent feature being the diverse races and the massive storm that rolls across the planet every few days. The first two three books are overflowing with magic and filled with heroes of all types. Don’t be intimidated by their length—think of each book as a single trilogy; there are several books’ worth of characters and plots in each.

We hope you’ll join us again on this journey as we post our part-by-part reviews and discussion!

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