Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Bookmarks

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Bookmarks 

After weeks and weeks of participating in the Top Ten Tuesday tradition, this topic is probably our favorite. Bookmarks have a way of bringing back memories of all the books they’ve been, of every spot they’ve held. Certain bookmarks also remind us of parts of our lives. It’s been fun to look back on some of our favorites. 

Without further ado, here’s our list: 

Pete’s Five

Strand Metal Bookmark: I got this toward the end of my time working at the Strand Bookstore in New York City. Before the paint started chipping off, it perfectly captured the look of the storefront and the book carts. 

Northshire bookmark:

This is from one of my favorite bookstores, which is fortunately only a short drive away. I love both the Saratoga and Manchester location — the Manchester one is vast and full of new and used books. 

Stormlight Archive map:

I found this one in a first edition copy of The Way of Kings that I picked up at Old Saratoga Books on their last day of business. This bookmark is as over-the-top and ridiculous as the series — it’s perfect.

Old Saratoga Books bookmark:

I used to walk to this bookstore with friends after school. This was a classic used bookstore, complete with a friendly cat named Samuel. 

Galignani bookstore bookmark:

I found this one in a book while working at Strand. I’ve never been to this bookstore, but I’d love to go someday! 

Indiana’s Five 

Book Darts: My sister gave a tin of these to us and we can’t stop raving about them. They’re so thin so they hardly weigh down the page you’re on and they can also perfectly hold whatever line you were last reading. They’re clever yet simple. 

Metro Card: These everyday objects are just great at holding one’s place. They’re thin but sturdy and obviously useful beyond being bookmarks. 

Harry Potter bookmark: I’ve had this one since I was a kid and was first getting into the Harry Potter series so, of course, it brings back great memories of experiencing those books for the first time. 

Strand bookmark: While Pete uses the metal one, I actually prefer the paper ones the bookstore gives with each purchase. I have a bunch saved up from each trip, which will certainly come in handy because I’ve nearly destroyed some with use. 

The British Museum bookmark: I picked this one up earlier this year and while it’s thicker than most of the others on this list, I love it. A series of flowers is set against a black background and there’s a bright golden-yellow ribbon to top it off. Plus, I’ve used it to hold my place in a few great books over the last few months, so that has pushed it into the “favorites” category. 

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