Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Items I’d Like to Own

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday makes us feel like we’re going on a virtual shopping spree. The topic from That Arts Reader Girl is “Bookish Items/Merchandise I’d Like to Own.”

Here’s our list:

Indiana’s Five

Lumio Wood Book Lamp


I first saw these on a trip to Alaska and I’ve been obsessed ever since. When it’s closed it looks like a regular book. Then, as soon as the cover is popped open, this wonderfully warm glow comes through it and it turns into a great light.

Fun book covers

book covers.jpg

These homemade book covers are cheap and provide a whole lot of relief to anyone who is borrowing a book and needs to give it back in mint condition.

Heroine Bookshelf


This is such a fun idea. It’s a delicate-looking shelf with a silhouetted woman in a superhero-esque cape holding it up.

The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes Umbrella


It won’t help you solve any cases but it will help keep you dry.

Library Card Pillows


Lay your head on these library card pillows and think of all the books you have due back soon. Just kidding, they’re cute and actually look really comfy.  



Pete’s Five

Seltzer Seven-year Pens

7 year pen

I’m fairly good at not losing pens, so it would be fun to see whether I can keep track of this pen long enough for its impressive ink capacity to run out.


Stormlight Archive T-shirt

Stormlight T-shirt.jpg

A simple t-shirt that only fans of Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive will recognize. And if anyone asks what it’s from… I hope they have a few minutes to spare.


Rotring 600 Metal Mechanical Pencil


A friend of mine has this heavy metal pencil, and as soon as I held it I knew I had to have one. For some reason I’m always buying new mechanical pencils, which is ridiculous. This would be one that I would (hopefully) care for and use forever.


Lego Hogwarts Great Hall

lego hogwarts

No, it’s not the 6,000-piece lego set, but I think this is a good sized little set that shows a great slice of Hogwarts.


Mistborn: House War


Based on Brandon Sanderson’s modern classic fantasy series, this board game puts players in the roles of lords who must decide whether revolution or suppression of the resistance is most likely.

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