Top Ten Tuesday: Authors We’ve Read The Most Books By

This week’s topic was an easy one: Authors We’ve Read the Most Books By. We Both have plenty of favorite authors, many of which are shared between the two of us, so putting this list together took little time at all. 

Thanks to That Artsy Reader Girl for another great Top Ten Tuesday!

Indiana’s Five

Soman Chainani – 6 
Years ago, I fell for Chainani’s humor and his way of twisting age-old fairy tales together into something fresh. I’ve picked up everything he’s written since then and I have no plans to stop.

Dave Eggers – 11
He’s another author that I was initially drawn to because of his humor, though Eggers’ tends to be much darker and a bit more depressing. I find his plots entertaining, thoughtful and at times bizarre; everything I look for in a novel. 

Ali Smith – 8
She’s got to be one of the smartest authors out there. Each of her novels, especially her latest Seasonal Quartet, comes off as incredibly fresh and fast-paced. Her prose is unusual and packs a punch. 

Kate DiCamillo – 11
DiCamillo is such a wise writer and it shines through in each of her works. She blends humor with heartbreaking in children’s lit like no other author I’ve read. I have her in part to thank for getting me into reading. 

Joan Didion – 9 
She’s one of the keenest observers of our age and I love how deeply she dives into her subjects. 

Honorable mentions: Lemony Snicket (13) and Mary Pope Osborne (26). I’ve read tons by both of these authors not only because I enjoyed their writing but because they both wrote a long series so it seemed a bit unfair to include them. 

Pete’s Five

Brandon Sanderson – 15
For his writing, his characters, and his imaginative worldbuilding, Sanderson is my favorite author in any genre. It’s strange to think that I only discovered his works 4 years ago!

Ray Bradbuary – 13
My mom gave me a copy of The Martian Chronicles when I was in 8th grade, and it made me a lifelong sci-fi fan. Bradbury’s books will always be magical to me.

Ali Smith – 10
Another recent discovery, Indi and I read How to be Both together and have yet to be disappointed by Smith’s works.

Philip Reeve – 10
The Hunger Games was my absolute favorite series in middle school, and on every reread I appreciate Reeve’s writing style and rich worldbuilding more.

George Saunders – 8
No one does weird better than Saunders in my opinion. I enjoy his short stories and his novels alike—he is always lighthearted, thoughtful, and utterly bizarre.

Honorable mentions: Terry Goodkind (17) and Lemony Snicket (13). While both of these authors beat others on my list, this is mostly because they wrote really long series. I don’t quite chase after their books in the same way I do these other authors.

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  1. Wonderful authors you’ve both read! So nice to know that you both have Ali Smith in common. I didn’t even know that Dave Eggers has written so many books! I loved Kate DiCamillo’s Flora & Ulysses.


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