Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Character Traits

This week’s topic is top ten favorite character traits — this was a fun challenge that made us think about why we are drawn to our favorite characters. Thanks to That Artsy Reader Girl for another great Top Ten Tuesday!

Indiana’s five

Generosity — This immediately makes me warm up to a character.  

Quick-witted —  Clever characters can be overconfident at times, but I usually enjoy reading about a character who is quick-witted and wise. 

Whimsical —  The first character that comes to mind when it comes to whimsy is Luna Lovegood, who I’ve always liked. I find these characters charming and amusing. 

Kind-hearted —  It’s easy to root for a character who is kind, who gives of themselves for no other reason than they want to. 

Sageliness —  I enjoy reading about the characters like Gandalf and Dumbledore, who are perhaps among the most knowledgeable in their worlds.   

Pete’s five

Humility — This isn’t just a trait I like in general. More specifically, I really enjoy when a character goes from arrogant to humble and self-aware. It’s always a fun transformation to watch. 

Recklessness — Sometimes the most interesting characters to me are those that are the least rational. I really enjoy watching characters make strange, poorly informed decisions for some reason. 

A sense of humor — Characters that can laugh at themselves (and others) can break the tension and often get a laugh out of me. I think comic relief belongs in any story.

Loyalty — The best friend is often my character in any story. I love watching two friends endure trial after a trial, strengthening one another with their trust in each other — even when this relationship is more one-sided. 

Confidence — On the other end of the spectrum from humility is a treat that is always fun to read in heroic characters. The best heroes manage to be somehow humble at the same time they are righteous and confident.

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