Top Ten Tuesday: Books We Loved with Fewer than 2,000 Ratings on Goodreads

Because we don’t have Goodreads accounts this one was tricky. Thus, we’ve come up with as many as we can for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday! Thank you to That Artsy Reader Girl for continuing the series.

Indiana’s Five

Radio Free Vermont by Bill McKibben
This was such a brilliantly composed and hilarious story. I loved every page and it deserves more than its 1,573 ratings.

The Airbnb Story by Leigh Gallagher
For anyone interested in the backstory of Airbnb and how it has impacted the world, look no further. Though it’s only got 1,137 ratings on Goodreads, it’s an informative and well written work.

Finding Baba Yaga by Jane Yolen
Once I opened this book, I couldn’t close it until I’d read to the end. For some reason I felt the need to read it aloud. It’s just the sort of story that doesn’t want to stay on the page. It’s only got 506 ratings and it deserves heaps more.

Fear and Clothing by Cintra Wilson
This is a clever and hilarious fashion road trip through the United States. It’s only got 337 ratings on Goodreads, which seems odd to me.

Voices in the Ocean by Susan Casey
Casey explores the lives of dolphins and our relationship with them. I’ve been obsessed with dolphins since I was a kid, so I loved this book. It’s got 1,925 ratings on Goodreads.

Pete’s Five

Sea of Hooks by Lindsay Hill
I picked this one up for a funny reason—the publishing company was my last name. This was a weird one, with chapters about four or five sentences long on average, but I enjoyed solving its puzzle.

Railhead by Philip Reeve
This one is sitting right at 2,000 ratings, but I’ll let it slide. I love this unusual and ridiculous sci-fi setting, with its sentient AI trains that connect planets and solar systems. The characters are memorable, and it’s a fun adventure that ramps up quickly.

The Kindling by Nancy Butcher and Jennifer Armstrong
Nancy Butcher is a family friend, and I was very excited to read a book by someone I knew when I was younger. I love the whole Fire-us trilogy and have enjoyed every reread.

Making Shapely Fiction by Jerome Stern
This was assigned reading for a creative writing course in college. I love the way it’s split into short, digestible tidbits of advice, almost like an Art of War for writing.

A Crack in the Line by Michael LawrenceNot to be confused with A Wrinkle in Time, this time-traveling, reality-hopping adventure was a fun mystery to parse. I could never track down the third book for some reason, so the series goes unfinished for me.

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