Quest Dream Team

We got into a fun discussion the other day: if you could take five characters on a quest, who would you take? It was surprisingly tough to narrow it down and come up with a good team. It was like our version of the NFL’s draft (That’s what it’s called, right?). Anyway, here are our dream teams!

Pete’s Quest Dream Team

Dalinar Kholin – Dalinar from The Stormlight Archive is one of my favorite characters of all time — I couldn’t go on a quest without him. His inspiration comes from strange places, but he’s a charismatic leader and a skilled commander. He would be the perfect leader for the quest.

Hadrian BlackwaterRiyria Revelation’s Hadrian is not only a master swordsman, he’s also someone whose company I’d appreciate on long treks. He’s a sympathetic character who’s able to bring any mismatched gang of adventurers together.

Vin – Vin from Mistborn might not contribute much in the way of conversation, but she’s absolutely a force to be reckoned with. I’d feel pretty safe fighting by her side (or just watching her fight)

Kvothe – Someone needs to tell stories and play beautiful music, and Kvothe from The Name of the Wind fits the bill. He also has a knack for sudden bursts of powerful magic, which would also be handy. And his charisma level is at least a 28.

Katara – The party would need someone level-headed to manage Vin and Kvothe, and Katara from Avatar the Last Airbender could do just that. With her non-confrontational philosophy, healing abilities, and powerful waterbending, she would be what keeps the gang safe and sane.

Indiana’s Quest Dream Team

Hermione – This Harry Potter character should be self-explanatory. She’s a know it all (with good reason because she actually does know it all — or just about). Hermione is whip smart, book smart, loyal, and brave.

Strider – I was wavering in between Strider and Legolas, but I went with Strider because of his ability to heal and the fact that in some cases he seems a bit more easy to communicate with than Legolas (at least in The Fellowship of the Ring).

Wit – It’s hard to say exactly what this character would even look like or be able to do really, as he turns up as different characters in every Brandon Sanderson book. However, Wit is an endlessly entertaining (not to mention wise) character that I think would keep everyone’s minds both sharp and entertained on any long journey.

Agatha – This is the “good” one from The School for Good and Evil. She is wonderfully resourceful and loyal to the end. Even though she can be bitingly sarcastic, she’s got a heart of gold and is willing to fight for those she loves. And if she was going on a quest she would obviously love her quest-mates.  

Elias – The complicated character from Sabaa Tahir’s The Ember in the Ashes series is known for being scary strong (like take-out-20-people-at-a-time strong). But he is reluctant to wield that sort of violent strength unless it’s absolutely necessary and even then he hesitates. He would help to tactfully and ethically beef up the team’s physical defense, not causing any unnecessary harm.

Who would be on your quest dream team?

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