Discussion: Reading Pet Peeves

  1. When the world prevents you from finishing a book in peace.

It always happens. You have thirty pages to go, and you’re sitting at home with a cup of coffee, and then something—a phone call, a cat puking on the carpet, a power outage—interrupts your reading and the satisfying finale is ruined.


  1. Reading time is not chatting time.

You could be sitting on your couch, in your favorite chair at the library, or in the local cafe, just reading your book and minding your own business when someone comes up to you and settles in for a long chat. Not okay. If my book is open, your mouth should be closed.


  1. When you encounter a misprint that renders a book unreadable.

Whether it’s a duplicate page or cut off text, it’s something you don’t notice about a book until it hits you and you have to dig through your receipt drawer and cross your fingers.


  1. When you want to read but can’t sit still.

It’s been a long day and all you want to do is sit down and got lost in your latest literary word. Instead, your legs won’t stop twitching and your mind won’t stop thinking of all the other things you have to do around the house or at work.


  1. When you realize you should have brought a book with you.

Who could have predicted that traffic jam or forty-five minute wait at the pharmacy? It’s always the one time you didn’t bring your book.


What are some of your reading pet peeves?

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