Review: Specials

“I'm not sure what I am anymore... Sometimes I think I'm nothing but what other people have done to me―a big collection of brainwashing, surgeries, and cures... That, and all the mistakes I've made. All the people I've disappointed,” Scott Westerfeld  

Review: Pretties

“Being pretty-minded is simply the natural state for most people. They want to be vapid and lazy and vain . . . and selfish. It only takes a twist to lock in that part of their personalities.”

The Last Days

“I'd watched too many schoolmates graduate into mental institutions, into group homes and jails, and I knew that locking people up was paranormal - against normal, not beside it. Locks didn't cure; they strangled.” Scott Westerfeld.


As I’ve noted on other reviews, I’m a Scott Westerfeld fan. His writing is dramatic, but not overly ornate. His plots are never drawn out and I know I’m always in for an adventure when I pick up a Westerfeld book.
Leviathan was no different.

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