Top Ten Tuesday: Questions We Would Ask Our Favorite Authors

This week’s topic is a fun one—questions I would ask my favorite authors. Fortunately, many of our favorite authors are living. Maybe we’ll get the chance someday!

Thanks to That Artsy Reader Girl for another great Top Ten Tuesday!

Indiana’s Five

Louisa May Alcott – Looking back, would you change how Laurie and Jo ended up?

Sabaa Tahir – Do you enjoy tormenting readers with Helene’s love life? (Though I know the answer is yes).

Suzanne Collins – What happened with Mockingjay? 

Carlos Ruiz Zafon – Are there any fictional worlds that you wanted to explore as deeply as The Shadow of the Wind?

Weike Wang – I know you studied public health and are probably busy doing important things in that realm, but do you also plan to write another novel? 

Pete’s Five

Ali Smith – What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen today?

Philip Reeve – If you rewrote Hungry City Chronicles today, would you change anything about the civilized world’s downfall?

Brandon Sanderson – What’s the Cosmere significance of people being stabbed in the eye in your books? Note: The Cosmere is Sanderson’s magic-filled universe in which most of his fantasy books are set.

Mark Twain – What city should I be sure to travel to someday?

Becky Chambers – Will you ever revisit the crew of the Wayfarer?

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