Top Ten Tuesday: Things We’d Have at Our Bookish Party

We’ve tried to throw bookish parties a few times, but the plans always fell through. Fortunately, this week’s topic is things we’d have at our bookish party, so we can revisit our literary party plans. Thanks to That Artsy Reader Girl for another great Top Ten Tuesday!

  1. Bring Your Own Book 
    We’ve only played this game when it’s just the two of us, but we think it would be great for a party of avid readers. Players provide their own book, using quotes from their books to answer various prompts. 
  2. Harry-Potter-inspired snacks
    There are plenty of recipes online, and the Harry Potter world has some of the best fictitious delicacies. Making them would be almost as fun as eating them. 
  3. Dramatic readings
    Everyone could pick out a favorite scene, which we could use to get into character and read dramatically. 
  4. Writing Prompts
    We’d try to bring the inner author out of our guests with a few simple writing prompts.
  5. Typewriters for haikus
    There would have to be a few typewriters around, of course. We’d encourage our guests to try them out and write a few haikus.
  6. Book Swap Table
    We all have books to spare. A small book swap table by the door could encourage everyone to leave a few and take a few home.
  7. Character costumes
    Everyone can come dressed as their favorite character from a beloved book. 
  8. Themed drinks
    We’d have cocktails and mocktails named after some of our favorite books and authors. 
  9. Book and bookmark party favors
    Everyone would go home with a book and a specially selected bookmark. 
  10. Make your own bookmark station
    This would be another fun activity for people to do and it would give them another souvenir to take home.  

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