Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Tropes

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Tropes 

Since we had the Tropes We Hate post not too long ago, it only seems right that we should follow up with some of our favorites. Thanks to That Artsy Reader Girl for the prompt!

Pete’s Five

Frame stories — I am always open to experimental narratives, and as far as I’m aware, the frame story (or “story within a story”) is one of the oldest unconventional narratives. Whether the story is told from one character to another in a cozy tavern or through a series of letters, this is always fun to read. 

Ungifted heroes — I love a good adventure or quest story, but I don’t like “chosen ones.” I am much more interested in characters who are special because of their decisions, not their strength or abilities. 

Long-awaited meetings — Whether it’s a reunion or a first encounter, there’s something about characters finally connecting that just makes me excited to see where they head together. 

Green world — I’m double-dipping a bit from a previous TTT, but I have to include this one. I love when characters are forced into a situation that leads to a breakdown of social norms. It feels like a cheesy special episode of a show, and it’s almost always great. 

Redemption arcs — I don’t care if it’s overdone. I don’t even care if it’s predictable. But I will always have a soft spot for a convincing redemption arc where a bad character goes good. 

Indiana’s Five 

Curious Characters — Just as Alice was led to Wonderland by her curiosity, I enjoy when a plot is driven forward by something as simple as a character’s curiosity. 

Magic Doorways — I’ve been enjoying books where the characters are taken into other realms, like Inkheart. 

Gruff and sweet characters — Characters who take some time to warm up to or who you find out after they’ve spent a few pages grumbling that they’re actually sweet. 

Redemption stories — Same as Pete’s above. 

Underwater worlds — I always like this setting, even though it’s relatively rare. 

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