Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-Buy Authors

Since most of our favorite authors are the same, we decided to make a combined list this time around. Thanks to That Artsy Reader Girl for another great Top Ten Tuesday prompt!

  1. Ali Smith: Her writing is faithfully clever and clear. Oh, and there’s usually a ghost or two somewhere in the narrative. 
  2. Brandon Sanderson: Epic fantasies done well. 
  3. George Saunders: Satirical and sometimes nonsensical, but always thought-provoking and entertaining. 
  4. Kate Dicamillo: We’ve yet to read a bad book by this author. You can count on her for heart-warming and enveloping stories that bring your feet just a few inches off the ground. 
  5. Joan Didion: Thoughtful and absorbing, we love to spend time in her writing, no matter what it’s about. 
  6. Dave Eggers: His writing is as hilarious as it is somber, and his stories are always filled with convincing characters. 
  7. Bill Bryson: From his personal essays to his nonfiction books on just about every topic, his writes in a way that can be digested in small bits—and his tone is endlessly entertaining. 
  8. Neil Gaiman: We’ve read very few books of his that let us down, and his take on fantasy is always refreshing. 
  9. Mary Karr: Her memoirs are disturbing, funny, and genuine.
  10. John Green: While his endings are sometimes lackluster, he makes up for it with witty lines and fantastic dialogue.

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