Top Ten Tuesday: Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book

This was a fun one to think up. Thanks to That Artsy Reader Girl for the Top Ten Tuesday suggestion!

Pete’s Top Five

An unusual premise.
I feel like so many books end up being rehashes of stories I’ve read before—I love when a book has a premise that is completely new to me. Weird is good!

Vivid writing.
I enjoy all sorts of writing styles, but I particularly enjoy those that allow me to clearly see the characters and their surroundings. This doesn’t necessarily mean explaining every detail—I just enjoy when an author uses strong images to describe a scene.

Stories set in one place.
It could be a hotel, a spaceship, a small island, or a cafe. I am always drawn in by single-setting stories.

An ensemble cast.
A great cast of characters can feel like they’re you’re friends. I especially like books where each character has their own story arc.

A good map.
Whether a story takes place on Earth or in an imaginary place, I love a detailed map at the start of a book.

Indi’s Top Five

A vivid colored cover.
I’m not saying I judge books only by their covers, but a bright yellow spine will definitely catch my eye in a bookstore.

A plot that blends genres.
I tend to like it when the plot of a book dips into multiple genres. It’s adds something a little unexpected.

If it’s by an author I love.
I’m one of those readers who when they find an author they love, will read everything by that author. And then will be disappointed when they’ve read everything by said author.

If it includes societal commentary.
For some reason, I’m drawn to books that offer this in one way or another.

If it’s highly recommended.
This doesn’t always work out. Sometimes a book has been given the proverbial gold star by the New York Times and every major reviewer loves it and it just doesn’t work for me. But other times it works out, which is what I’m hoping happened with A Gentleman in Moscow.

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