The Green Toad: Bookstore Review

The Green Toad Bookstore is a great place to stop if you’re in the Catskill area.  It’s a locally owned shop in Oneonta, New York that’s evolved over the past few years as it’s changed ownership. They carry a decent selection of just about everything from fiction to nonfiction, despite their small shelf space. They also have an excellent selection of gifts and greeting cards, and their membership is free. The staff is always helpful and friendly, and they are great book recommenders.

It’s also connected to a cozy coffee shop called Latte Lounge. Although they’re both nestled in a college town, both feel integral to the community. Every time we’ve gone there, we just want to spend the best part of the afternoon just wandering around the bookstore, grabbing coffee and reading. 

We weren’t asked by Green Toad to write this piece — it’s just a wonderful bookstore that we love!


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